Fingerprint Pin-Code Door Lock with Deadbolt - 6600D
  • Standalone fingerprint, pincode, key door lock with lever handle
  • Stores up to 150 fingerprints and 75 8-digit pin codes
  • Specially designed mortise latch for extra security
  • Uses 4 standard AA batteries, lasts up to 15,000 activations

  • User Manual
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N.B. Only left-handed models are available this week. Right handers returning to stock soon.

The 6600D is a standalone keyless entry system for your home or office.

It comes in a stylish silver finish and discreetly hides the fingerprint sensor and pincode buttons when not in use. This feature also protects the lock from the weather and helps to conserve power.

Constructed with a strong alloy exterior and stainless mechanical parts this lock is built to last. The external lever handle is free to rotate until the lock is activated to protect the handle from damage.

The 6600D is very simple to use. Simply lift the slide cover, which activates the lock. Then either place your enrolled fingerprint on the sensor or type in you pincode. The external handle is then activated and you can open the door.

The door lock is always locked from the outside which eliminates that 'did I lock the door?' feeling (can use a code to toggle the lock if coming in and out regularly). To comply with fire regulations this lock always allows for manual egress, the inside handle is always engaged so you can exit with just the turn of a lever.

The 6600D also features a key for you to manually enter your door even with no batteries in the lock. The lock comes with 2 keys and blanks can be purchased and copied at any locksmith. Door locks can be keyed alike if you buy more than one for an extra charge.

If you are just enrolling your family on your door lock then you may use the 'Enroll fingerprints in Random' feature which will store any fingerprint placed on the sensor after typing the proper code. These prints are randomly stored in the lock. If you needed to delete a user later however you can tag each print to a User Id number and then simply delete that number later on if needed. All pincodes are 8 digits long and are tagged to a 3 digit User Id number. 8 digits too long to remember? Most customers use a 4digit code that is made up of 2 of each number.

Fingerprint Pin-Code Door Lock with Deadbolt - FA6600D
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