Fingerprint Door Locks

- Security Resources

Fingerprint door lock installed on office door Fingerprint door lock sensor instructions
- Enrolling a good fingerprint in the door lock is essential for later use. Learn how to best use the scanning sensor for secure fingerprint registration and quick access.

Fingerprint door locks
security licensing requirements

- Information about requirements for security specialists. Avoid buying cheap inferior and untested digital door locks from unqualified importers. Find licensed experts.

Find a fingerprint door lock installer
- Enter your suburb, postcode or click on your state to find a Master Locksmith licensed installer. License registrations can be cross-checked for validity.

Security Licensing Investigation
- Australian Radio National production investigation evidence of a significant problem with training and licensing in the security industry. Knowledge is a key.

Fingerprint door locks are safe storage
- NSW Police fact sheet showing the approved use of Fingerprint door locks in the storing of firearms as an example of the quality and proper use of fingerprint locks.

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